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Cartoon: Suddenly Ignatieff Does Not Want a Federal Election in Canada

Find a political cartoon depicting Liberal Party of Canada leader, Michael Ignatieff as not wanting a federal election - due to low polling numbers for the Liberals - while Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the leader of Conservative Party of Canada encourages an election.

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Does the Liberal Party Have to Lose in Order to Win?

By Greg Farries on Oct 5, 2009

The Hill Times recently published an interesting editorial, very similar incidentally to a posting her at MLW by Harold Jansen, titled, Ignatieff’s committing political euthanasia - If a party has to commit political suicide to defend its credibility, it means there’s not much of it left in the party. In the article Andelo Persichilla comments:

I see two major problems afflicting the Liberals.

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Cartoon: With the Threat of an Election, PM Harper Tries to Jump Start the Conservative Party

Find a political cartoon depicting Prime Minister Harper, under the threat of a federal election, attempting to jump start the Conservative Party of Canada in various regions across Canada.

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Cartoon: Ignatieff Blindly Runs Towards a Federal Election

Find a political cartoon depicting Liberal Party of Canada leader, Michael Ignatieff, blindly running towards a federal election with little consideration to the consequences.

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Cartoon: Dusting Off Green Leader May, an Federal Election Must be Approaching

Find a political cartoon depicting the increasing chance of a federal election in Canada, as they've begun to dust off Green Party of Canada Leader, Elizabeth May.

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If the governor-general agrees to dissolve Parliament, what would the election look like?

By Harold Jansen on Dec 2, 2008

Running through all the what-if scenarios that could unfold over the next few weeks has become a favorite activity for Canadian junkies. Here's one that just occurred to me. What happens in the (unlikely, according to constitutional experts) event that Michaelle Jean granted a request by Stephen Harper for a dissolution of Parliament? We'd have an election. And here's where things would get even more interesting.

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Cartoon: Liberal Election Platform - Where is the Green Shift?

Find a political cartoon depicting the Liberal Party of Canada leader serving up the Liberal Party election campaign platform to a voter, while the voter inquires about the main course (i.e. the Green Shift tax proposal).

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NDP Leader Layton talks about Coalition Government with Liberals

By Greg Farries on Sep 22, 2008

According to the Hamilton Spectator, New Democratic Party Leader, Jack Layton, is not ruling out a coalition government with the Stéphane Dion's Liberal Party of Canada.

NDP Leader Jack Layton is refusing to rule out a coalition government with Stéphane Dion's Liberals if that's what it takes to oust Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

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The Choice that Saskatchewan voters make will matter...

By David McGrane on Sep 19, 2008

 This article appears as  "Choice by voters in Sask. Will hold significant sway", Saskatoon StarPhoenix, September 18th, 2008, A11. 

When the Prime Minister called the federal election, the response of many people in Saskatchewan was undoubtedly: "What! Another election!" With two federal elections and one provincial election during last four years, a little voter fatigue is understandable. Nonetheless, we should not let our weariness allow us to fall prey to old, cynical arguments that we should not bother to vote because ‘all politicians are the same' and ‘your vote doesn't make a difference anyway.'  The votes cast in Saskatchewan on October 14th will be very important for the future of province and our country. The choice we make will make a difference.

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What do Farmers Want this Election?

By Melanee Thomas on Sep 18, 2008

How about a Minister who isn't incompetent?

Admittedly, when I relayed the "death by a thousand cold cuts" idiocy to my roommate this morning, he almost spat out his coffee for laughing. What really irks me as a farm kid is that farmers get stuck with moronic Ministers of Agriculture who, among other things, don't know when to tell, or not tell, gross jokes. It seems to me that avoiding such quips on a conference call with non-political, non-partisan staff would be a no brainer.

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Crisis Within the Bloc

By Melanee Thomas on Sep 16, 2008

Even with new media reports nearly every day in Quebec of separatist politicians taking a swipe at the Bloc, I was reluctant to believe there was a real problem within the party. Rather, I thought some separatists might be more inclined to sway voters to a different party (odd as that might sound).

I'm beginning to realise, however, that it's both: colleagues of mine much closer to the Bloc suggest there is a "genuine crisis" and it centres around the idea that right-wing viewpoints and ideas are no longer welcome within the party.

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Why we should be skeptical of how the media reports polls.

By Melanee Thomas on Sep 12, 2008

Many things irritate me about mainstream media, and their inaccurate reporting of public opinion polls is rather close to the top of the list. While this article by the CBC's online team is not bad (http://www.cbc.ca/news/canadavotes/story/2008/09/12/elxn-poll.html), there is crucial information that should be included but isn't.

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Has Harper violated the fixed election law? Will it mattter?

By Tom Bateman on Sep 9, 2008

Have the Conseratives violated the fixed election date law passed by Parliament in 2007?

No. The Canadian Constitution requires that the Governor General retain the prerogative to dissolve Parliament at her pleasure. Yes, she takes advice on this from the Prime Minister, but the decision is still hers. Any law depriving the Governor General of the legal capacity to dissolve Parliament would be unconstitutional. Patrick Monahan in the Globe and Mail on Saturday August 30 was very good on this point.

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