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Political Parties and the Party System in Canada: History, Operation and Issues

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Jun 1, 2010

Political parties play a central role in Canadian democracy and government, representing an important link between the state and society. This article provides an introduction to the nature of parties and the party system at the federal level of Canadian politics. This includes exploring the definition of a political party, systems of classification, the history of Canada’s party system, the operation of political parties, and key issues and debates regarding party politics in Canada.

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Canada Pension Plan: Overview, History and Debates

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Apr 20, 2010

Two key aspects of Canada’s welfare state involve: a) encouraging citizens to save for their retirement income, and b) reducing poverty among seniors. In this context, the Canada Pension Plan is a central pillar of Canadian social policy. This article provides an introduction to the Canada Pension Plan, commonly known as the CPP, and includes a general overview of the plan, its position within the larger Canadian system of retirement income, its historical development, its administration, and key contemporary debates and issues.

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Multiculturalism Policy in Canada

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Jan 12, 2010

Canada is an increasingly culturally and ethnically diverse nation. One of the key policy responses to this diversity has been official multiculturalism, first introduced in the early 1970s. While multiculturalism is nearly 40 years old in Canada, it nevertheless remains a highly controversial and debated issue. This article provides an introduction to multiculturalism in Canada at the federal level.

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Federal Fiscal Policy in Canada: History, Operation, and Trends in the Global Recession

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Oct 13, 2009

With the global economic recession of 2008-09, and the various attempts by the Canadian government and its counterparts around the world to address their economic difficulties, the issue of fiscal policy has come to the fore, earning significant public attention. This article provides an introduction to Canadian fiscal policy at the federal level of government.

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Cartoon: McGuinty Dumps Ontario's Energy Problems on the Federal Government

Find a political cartoon depicting Dalton McGuinty dropping the issue of Ontario's nuclear industry on the federal government's doorstep.

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Federal Government in Canada: Organization, Institutions & Issues

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Mar 4, 2009

The federal or national government is the central level of government in Canada, and is involved in many aspects of Canadians’ lives. The federal government plays a role in such things as the provision of social services, the economy, national defence and security, criminal law, foreign affairs and First Nations policy. This article provides an overview of the federal government in Canada, including its role and powers, its central political, financial and administrative processes, as well as key issues and debates in federal government.

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Cartoon: Canada's New Federal Deficit - Preparing to Dig a Big Hole

Find a political cartoon depicting the federal government ready to dig a big hole as the government prepares to go into deficit.

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The Indian Act: Historical Overview


p>The Indian Act is federal legislation that provides the basic legal status and entitlements of Canada’s Aboriginal peoples. The Act deals with such things as the legal definition of who may claim Indian status in Canada, the rights and duties which accompany that status, the structure of Canada’s reserve system and the nature of Aboriginal self-government.

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Federalism in Canada: Basic Framework and Operation

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Jan 11, 2008


p>Central to the organization of government in Canada is the principle of federalism. Under this principle, Canada is divided into two constitutionally autonomous levels of government: the federal or central government, and the provincial governments. The nation’s basic division of government plays an important role in public finances and public policy.

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