Government Deficit

Cartoon: Layton Refused to Support the Conservative Budget

Find a political cartoon depicting the leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada, Jack Layton, refusing to support the Conservative Party of Canada's federal budget -- unless he gets to be Deputy Prime Minister.

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Cartoon: Obama Says Buy American why Harper Waves Bye to Fiscal Conservatism

Find a political cartoon depicting US President Barack Obama saying "Buy American" why Prime Minister Stephen Harper Waves Bye to Fiscal Conservatism with his high spending.

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Cartoon: Canada Tries to Spend Itself Out of a Recession

Find a political cartoon that depicts Canada trying to spend itself out of a recession and in turn filling the country full of delays.

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Cartoon: Canada's New Federal Deficit - Preparing to Dig a Big Hole

Find a political cartoon depicting the federal government ready to dig a big hole as the government prepares to go into deficit.

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Cartoon: Canada Enters a Recession - Conservative Government Changes Tune

Find a political cartoon depicting Canada entering a recession, while Prime Minister Harper and Finance Minister Flaherty discuss whether Canada's economy is technically in recession.

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Fiscal Imbalance Debate: Origins and Perspectives

Feature by Brian Doody || Dec 18, 2007

Federal-provincial relations in Canada have been dominated in recent years by debate over the “fiscal imbalance,” defined as the apparent shortfall of provincial government revenues compared to the federal government’s surpluses, relative to the spending requirements of each level of government under the Constitution.  This article gives an overview of debate on the fiscal imbalance in Canada, including a summary of its origins, as well as discussions of alternative perspectives on the issue.

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