International Relations

Cartoon: Human Rights vs Trade - Stockwell Day and the Chinese Government

Find a political cartoon depicting Minister of International Trade Stockwell Day as trying to balance international trade with the Chinese government while at the same time considering their current human rights abuses.

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Cartoon: President Obama's Buy American Campaign Could Hurt Canada

Find a political cartoon depicting US President Obama's buy American campaign hurting Canada.

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What's the Matter with Canada?

By Melanee Thomas on Sep 13, 2008

What is the matter with Canada, eh? According to Slate magazine (, and albeit left-leaning American publication, our inability to deal with minority governments, the collapse of the juggernaut of a political machine known as the Liberal Party of Canada, and several of Harper's Conservative policies are all problematic.

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The Canada-US Softwood Lumber Dispute

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Jun 10, 2008

The Canada-US softwood lumber dispute has been one of the longest and most significant trade disputes between the two countries in modern history. Central to the dispute is not only competition between Canadian and US softwood lumber companies, but also conflict over basic forestry management styles. This article discusses the North American softwood lumber industry and explains the nature of the dispute, including its basic issues, its history and the signing of the 2006 Softwood Lumber Agreement.

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Cartoon: Pakistan's Impact on the World and the Assassination of Benazir Bhutto

Find a political cartoon depicting the world being impacted by the recent assassination of Pakistan politician, Benazir Bhutto.

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2002 Johannesburg Earth Summit on Sustainable Development

Feature by Scott Fogden || Sep 1, 2002

From August 26th to September 4th, 2002, international attention focused on Johannesburg, as South Africa’s commercial capital played host to high-level diplomatic meetings assigned to allevi

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