International Trade

Cartoon: Free Trade Between Canada and the EU

Find a political cartoon depicting Canada as being weary of free trade with the European Union.

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Cartoon: The US Finally Exempts Canada from Buy American Protectionism

Find a political cartoon depicting the United States as finally exempting Canadian business from the "Buy American" protectionism clauses for the US stimulus measures.

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Cartoon: The Strong Loonie - Eating into Canada's Exports

Find a political cartoon depicting a strong Loonie hurting Canada's export economy.

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Cartoon: Canada and the European Union Abandon Sealers

Find a political cartoon that depicts the Canadian government and the European Union Abandoning Canadian sealers.

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Cartoon: Human Rights vs Trade - Stockwell Day and the Chinese Government

Find a political cartoon depicting Minister of International Trade Stockwell Day as trying to balance international trade with the Chinese government while at the same time considering their current human rights abuses.

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Cartoon: President Obama's Buy American Campaign Could Hurt Canada

Find a political cartoon depicting US President Obama's buy American campaign hurting Canada.

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Cartoon: Hillary and Obama Beat Up on NAFTA and Canada

Find a political cartoon depicting US Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama taking issue with NAFTA at the expense of Canada.

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The Canadian Wheat Board

Feature by Rhonda Parkinson || Jun 1, 2007

Central to the Western Canadian grain industry is the Canadian Wheat Board, which is the sole marketer of western Canadian wheat and barley sold for human consumption. This article discusses the Canadian Wheat Board, including its mandate and operation, the history of wheat regulation in Canada, as well as current debates and pressures on the Board.

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