Liberal Party of Canada

Cartoon: Michael Ignatieff Ends Liberal Support for the Conservatives

Find a political cartoon depicting cheerleader Michael Ignatieff ending Liberal Party of Canada Support for the Conservatives Party of Canada in the House of Commons.

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Federal Campaign Finance Laws in Canada

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Jul 21, 2009

Campaign finance refers to the rules that govern the use of money in electoral processes such as general elections, by-elections, and referenda. In this context, Canada has adopted a broad set of rules in relation to key political actors, including election candidates, political parties, electoral district associations, and third parties. This article provides an introduction to federal campaign finance laws, including their history, content, and administration. It also explores a number of key issues regarding the regulation of money in elections.

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Cartoon: Ignatieff is on the Campaign Train, with Something for Everyone

Find a political cartoon depicting Michael Ignatieff, leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, bearing gifts for everyone while on the campaign trail at the Calgary Stampede.

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Cartoon: Ignatieff's Eagerness Overshadowed by a Perceived Lack of Substance

Find a political cartoon questioning whether new Liberal Party of Canada Leader, Ignatieff's eagerness is overshadowed by a perceived lack of substance.

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Cartoon: The Dion Era is Over - Liberal Party to Start Over

Find a political carton depicting the end of Stéphane Dion disastrous Liberal party of Canada platform. Micheal Ignatieff claims they will have to start fresh.

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Cartoon: Ignatieff Coronation - Is Ignatieff all Glitter and No Substance?

Find a political cartoon depicting the Liberal Party of Canada's coronation of Michael Ignatieff's as their new party leader. The cartoon questions whether Ignatieff is all glitter and no substance.

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Cartoon: Is Ignatieff Trying to Convince Canadians He is a True Patriot?

Find a political cartoon depicting Liberal Party of Canada leader, Michael Ignatieff trying hard to convince Canadians he is a true patriot with his new book, True Patriot Love.

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Cartoon: Layton Destroys any Chance of a Coalition with Ignatieff

Find a political cartoon depicting NDP leader, Jack Layton, destroying any chance of a coalition in the House of Commons with Liberal Party leader, Micheal Ignatieff.

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Cartoon: Ignatieff and the Unlikely Chance of an Election

Find a political cartoon depicting Micheal Ignatieff stating Canadians need an election like they need a whole in head - while Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe sit patiently for Ignatieff to decide whether he needs them for a coalition government.

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Cartoon: With Ignatieff as Leader of the Liberal Party, is the Coalition Dead?

Find a cartoon depicting Jack Layton, Gilles Duceppe and Stéphane Dion as being disappointed with Michael Ignatieff being given the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada.

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The Liberal - NDP Coalition and Forming Government

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Dec 19, 2008

Find an explanation of how a proposed Liberal-NDP coalition government could assume power according to Canada’s parliamentary tradition. Includes an examination of a possible vote of non-confidence against the Conservative minority government; a request to the Governor General to allow a Liberal-New Democratic coalition to form a new government; and the immediate tasks facing a possible coalition government once in power.

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Events Leading to the Liberal - NDP Coalition Agreement

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Dec 18, 2008

On December 1, 2008, the Liberal Party of Canada, the New Democratic Party and the Bloc Québécois officially signed an agreement to defeat the Conservative minority government led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Under this agreement, the Liberals and NDP agreed to form a coalition government, which would be supported by the Bloc. The following article provides an overview of factors and events surrounding the signing of this agreement.

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Almanac: Michael Ignatieff

Michael Ignatieff was acclaimed leader of the Liberal Party of Canada at the party’s convention held from April 30-May 2, 2009. He served as interim leader since December 10, 2008, when former leader Stéphane Dion stepped down. By virtue of being leader of the party with the second largest number of seats, he is also leader of the Official Opposition.

Ignatieff has had a meteoric rise in his political career. First elected in 2006, he has represented the riding of Etobicoke—Lakeshore, which is part of Toronto, Ontario. He first ran for the party leadership in 2006, but lost.

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The Liberals Land on Their Feet

By Harold Jansen on Dec 11, 2008

I haven't had a lot of time to blog lately. It's grading time at university which leaves little time for other things. However, I'm procrastinating right now, so it's time to write something.

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With Michael Ignatieff as Leader of the Liberal Party, is the Coalition Dead?

By Greg Farries on Dec 9, 2008

CTVNews is reporting that Bob Rae has told his supporters in a conference call Tuesday that he will end his bid for the Liberal leadership. Considering Rae's departure means Michael Ignatieff is the sole remaining candidate for the leadership position and almost certainly the next leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, is Ignatieff going to continue with the coalition with the New Democratic Party?

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