Cartoon: Afghanistan Detainees and Backstabbing Canadian Soldiers

Find a political cartoon that depicts a Canadian soldier being stabbed in the back over the Afghanistan detainee allegations being made again the Canadian government.

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Cartoon: Obama's Afghan Surge and Canada's Withdraw from Afghanistan

Find a political cartoon depicting the United States President Barack Obama's version of the military surge in the war in Afghanistan, while Canada's Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, quickly withdraws Canada's military troops.

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Major General MacKenzie Interview on the Canadian Military and War on Terror

By Greg Farries on Apr 3, 2008

My interview with retired Major General, Lewis MacKenzie has finally been posted. The General had a number of interesting things to say relating to Canada’s Armed Forces, the War on Terror and Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan.

Here are some of the points I found the most interesting:

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Major General Lewis MacKenzie (Ret.) Interview

Interviewed by Greg Farries on Mar 31, 2008

Major General Lewis MacKenzie (Ret.) discusses the state of Canada’s armed forces, peace-keeping, the War on Terror, and Canada’s military involvement in Afghanistan.

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Cartoon: Stéphane Dion and Stephen Harper Duel Over Afghanistan Mission

Find a political cartoon that depicts Stéphane Dion and Stephen Harper dueling over Canada's involvement in Afghanistan.

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Cartoon: Should Canada Stay or Pull out of Afganistan: A Tough Decision for Dion

Find a political cartoon depicting Stéphane Dion being torn between Stephen Harpers desire to keep the Canadian forces in Afghanistan, and Jack Layton's desire to pull the troops out.

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Cartoon: NATO Ignores the Manley Report

Find a political cartoon depicting the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as uninterested in listening to the recommendations of the Manley Report on Afghanistan.

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Submit Your Questions for an Interview with Major General (Ret) Lewis Mackenzie

By Greg Farries on Jan 14, 2008

Mapleleafweb is scheduled to do an interview with Major General (Ret.) Lewis Mackenzie, former Canadian Armed Forces general and writer. We are providing visitors to Mapleleafweb the opportunity to submit potential questions to General Mackenzie.

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Canadian Forces: Basic Roles and Structure

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Aug 30, 2007

The Canadian Forces, Canada’s formal military organization, provides many key domestic and international functions. This article presents the basic roles and structure of the Canadian Forces, both in the domestic and international context.

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