If the governor-general agrees to dissolve Parliament, what would the election look like?

By Harold Jansen on Dec 2, 2008

Running through all the what-if scenarios that could unfold over the next few weeks has become a favorite activity for Canadian junkies. Here's one that just occurred to me. What happens in the (unlikely, according to constitutional experts) event that Michaelle Jean granted a request by Stephen Harper for a dissolution of Parliament? We'd have an election. And here's where things would get even more interesting.

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Best and worst campaigns: and the winners are...

By Harold Jansen on Oct 12, 2008

As we're in the dying days of the election, it's time to look back and see who had the best and worst campaigns in this election. It was an odd election, with events overtaking the best laid plans of political strategists and consultants. Just to be clear, this doesn't have anything to do with how these parties will do on election day. This evaluation looks at how well the party did, based on the resources they had and the goals they needed to accomplish.

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More Interesting Campaign Signs in Montreal

By Melanee Thomas on Oct 7, 2008

I've noted earlier in the campaign how different and interesting campaign signs are in Quebec. A few more have gone up in the neighborhood that warrant mention.

My local Green candidate *finally* got signs up for the last week of the campaign. They are very pretty, featuring the Green candidate in a nice park (probably Parc LaFontaine, being in the riding and all). What makes it interesting is that there's a tag line on the sign referring to personal environmental sovereignty. The Green candidate ties support for Quebec sovereignty with environmental support. 

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Will the NDP wake up and respond to the threat the Greens pose?

By Harold Jansen on Oct 3, 2008

It's been interesting listening to the post-debate analyses. One theme keeps coming up and that is that Elizabeth May impressed a lot of people. As Andrew Coyne pointed out in the CBC's post-debate "At Issue" panel, the debate cemented the Greens' place on the national stage. Talking to people around here, I'm surprised to hear the chord that the Greens seem to be striking with a lot of people. Some of this is a "none of the above" vote; the Greens have never been in power anywhere and are fresh and new, so people see this as a way of registering dissatisfaction. Other people find their policies refreshing: it's pro-environmental and socially progressive without without the baggage of the traditional NDP.

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What the NDP should do....

By David McGrane on Sep 22, 2008

 First of all, why are the Liberals putting out  a platform ahead of the NDP? When Layton puts out a platform in the future it will look he is the official opposition leader and he will continue to look stronger compared to Dion.

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First week report card: Conservatives win the week

By Harold Jansen on Sep 14, 2008

So, who won the first week? I'd have to go with the Conservatives. It certainly wasn't a perfect week for them: some overeager election staffers sent them off message and into damage control mode. However, Harper and the party dealt swiftly with pooping puffins and with e-mails about the political motivations of grieivng parents of dead Canadian soldiers. Furthermore, the party also had the most significant policy announcement of the week in the announcement of the 2001 end to Canada's mission in Afghanistan. I'd give them an A-.

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Anti-Conservative Vote Swapping

By Royce Koop on Sep 11, 2008

A new vote-swapping project has been fired up on Facebook, in the hope that non-Conservative voters can coordinate their votes across ridings.

Aside from the enormous complexity of these sorts of projects, the paradox is that the people who are informed and committed enough to engage in vote-swapping are probably partisans who may balk at the prospect of voting insincerely and, once alone in the voting booth, destroy the honour system that this project depends on.

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NDP.ca Blogging Tools - Free NDP Themed Templates

By Greg Farries on May 13, 2008

In addition to the typical videos and banner ads that nearly every political party gives way on their political party websites, the New Democratic Party of Canada (NDP) has gone the extra mile and created NDP themed weblog templates.

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Mason has a point (or at least the start of one)

By Harold Jansen on Feb 12, 2008

NDP leader Brian Mason is proposing an end to corporate and union donations to political parties in Alberta. Mason is pitching this as something that would eliminate (or at least reduce) corruption in Alberta.

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Almanac: Jack Layton

Find a in-depth biography of the Honourable Jack Layton, Leader of the Federal New Democratic Party of Canada.

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