New Democratic Party of Canada

Almanac: Jack Layton

Find a in-depth biography of the Honourable Jack Layton, Leader of the Federal New Democratic Party of Canada.

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Almanac: Federal Election Info

Find detailed information on federal political parties in Canada and links to related features and political cartoons.

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Cartoon: Svend Robinson Steals Diamond Ring

Political cartoon depicting Svend Robinson and his crime of stealing a diamond ring.

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Cartoon: Layton and a Tired Canadian Electorate

Find a political cartoon depicting a campaigning Jack Layton and a very tired Canadian electorate.

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Jack Layton Talks about the NDP and Leadership

Interviewed by Greg Farries on Mar 1, 2003

Jack Layton talks about the New Democratic Party and his win at New Democratic Parties leadership convention in Toronto, Ontario.

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Cartoon: Is Layton the Winner in a Minority Government?

Find a political cartoon asking the question of whether Jack Layton and the New Democratic Party of Canada is the winner in a minority government?

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