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Almanac: Stephen McNeil

Stephen McNeil is leader of the Official Opposition in Nova Scotia and leader of the province’s Liberal Party. He has served as the Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) for Annapolis since 2003.

In the provincial election held on June 9, 2009, the Nova Scotia Liberal Party captured 11 of 52 seats and 27.2 percent of the vote. The party earned one more seat than the Progressive Conservative Party to become the province’s Official Opposition.

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2009 Nova Scotia Election Coverage

By Greg Farries on Jun 8, 2009

There is only one day left in the 2009 Nova Scotia General Election and therefore it might not be a bad idea to quickly highlight some of the popular Nova Scotia election resources:

Nodice: Nova Scotia Provincial Election 2009 Coverage - Provides statistical and brief background information on the 2009 provincial election in Nova Scotia.

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2009 Nova Scotia General Election

Feature by Jay Makarenko || May 20, 2009

On June 9, 2009, Nova Scotians elected the New Democratic Party government and Darrell Dexter their premier. The NDP win had historical significance. Not only did it bring to an end ten years of rule by the Progressive Conservative Party, but was also the first time an NDP premier had been elected in Atlantic Canada. The 2009 election campaign was dominated by economic and financial issues as the province attempts to deal with the global economic slowdown, rising unemployment, and possible government deficits.

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Federalism and the Atlantic Provinces: Contemporary Issues and Debates

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Feb 6, 2008


p>Traditionally, Atlantic Canada has proven to be a strong ally of both Canadian federalism and of federal government involvement in its economic, social, and financial life. Nevertheless, the relations between the federal government and the provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island have been strained at times. This article provides an introduction to key issues and debates in Canadian federalism by looking through the lens of Atlantic Canada.

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Almanac: Nova Scotia Election Info

Find detailed past election results, political party leader profiles and related features and cartoons for provincial elections in Nova Scotia.

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Almanac: Darrell Dexter

Darrell Dexter is Nova Scotia’s 27th premier. He has led the Nova Scotia New Democratic Party since June 21. He has represented the provincial riding of Cole Harbour since 1998.

It was an historic night on June 9, 2009, when Dexter and his New Democratic Party won the provincial election. The NDP won 31 of 52 seats in the provincial election and captured 45.3 percent of the vote. After 10 years as the Official Opposition, the NDP achieved its first electoral victory in the province’s history.

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Almanac: Rodney MacDonald

Rodney MacDonald is leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia. He is the Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) for Inverness. MacDonald served as Nova Scotia’s 26th premier from June 13, 2006, until June 9, 2009, when the Progressive Conservative Party was defeated in the provincial election. In the 2009 election, the party won 24.5 percent of the vote and 10 of 52 seats, but was reduced to third-party status behind the New Democratic and Liberal parties.

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2006 Nova Scotia General Election

Feature by Jay Makarenko || May 1, 2006

In June 2006, Nova Scotia voters re-elected the provincial Progressive Conservative Party, and Premier Rodney MacDonald to another minority government.

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2003 Nova Scotia General Election

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Jul 1, 2003


p>On August 05, 2003, Nova Scotia voters returned the provincial Progressive Conservative Party and Premier John Hamm to government, but this time with only minority status.

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