Prime Minister of Canada

Prime Minister’s Office of Canada: Responsibilities, Organization, and Issues

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Mar 2, 2010

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) is comprised of the executive staff of the prime minister, and plays a central role in the governance of Canada. This highly partisan organization acts not only as a source of support and policy advice for the prime minister, but also as a mechanism for centralizing political power. This article provides an introduction to the PMO, with a focus on its responsibilities, organization, and key issues.

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Privy Council Office of Canada: Responsibilities, Organization and Issues

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Dec 23, 2009

The Privy Council Office of Canada represents a key central agency in the federal government. As the pinnacle of the federal bureaucracy, officials in the Privy Council Office play an important role in the formulation and implementation of public policy at the highest levels of government. Even though the Privy Council Office plays a significant role in government decision making, the general public tends to know little about its operation and activities.

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