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The House of Commons: Introduction to Canada's Premier Legislative Body

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Oct 22, 2010

While Canada has two legislatures at the federal level, the House of Commons constitutes the centre of political power. To hold power, the Prime Minister and his/her Cabinet must maintain the support of a majority of the elected members in the House. The House also holds the government accountable through public debate, questioning, and review of government legislation and action. This feature provides an introduction to the functions, composition, and operation of the House of Commons.

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Interview with Former PMO Chief of Staff, Ian Brodie

Interviewed by Greg Farries on Feb 24, 2009

Find a interview with former Prime Minister Office Chief of Staff, Ian Brodie. Brodie talks about the role of the Chief of Staff and the Prime Minister's Office and then speaks about his personal experience in politics over the past five years.

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Supreme Court of Canada: Role, History, and Operation

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Jul 16, 2008

This educational feature examines the the Supreme Court of Canada, including its place in Canada’s court system, its history, its modern organization and operation, as well as key issues and debates regarding the Court.

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Treasury Board of Canada: History, Organization and Issues

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Dec 14, 2009

The Treasury Board of Canada represent a key entity within the federal government. As an important cabinet committee and central agency, they play an important role in financial and personnel administration. Even though the Treasury Board plays a significant role in government decision making, the general public tends to know little about its operation and activities. The following article provides an introduction to the Treasury Board, with a focus on its history, responsibilities, organization, and key issues.

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Cartoon: With the Threat of an Election, PM Harper Tries to Jump Start the Conservative Party

Find a political cartoon depicting Prime Minister Harper, under the threat of a federal election, attempting to jump start the Conservative Party of Canada in various regions across Canada.

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Cartoon: The Media's Fixation on the Trivial at the G8 Summit

Find a political cartoon depicting the main stream news media as being fixated on trivial details at an otherwise important Group of Eight (G8) summit in Italy.

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Cartoon: Former Prime Minister Mulroney's Impact on the Conservative Party of Canada

Find a political cartoon depicting Former Progressive Conservative Prime Minister Mulroney's negative impact on the Conservative Party of Canada due to accusations of scandal during his tenure as Prime Minister of Canada.

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Federal Government in Canada: Organization, Institutions & Issues

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Mar 4, 2009

The federal or national government is the central level of government in Canada, and is involved in many aspects of Canadians’ lives. The federal government plays a role in such things as the provision of social services, the economy, national defence and security, criminal law, foreign affairs and First Nations policy. This article provides an overview of the federal government in Canada, including its role and powers, its central political, financial and administrative processes, as well as key issues and debates in federal government.

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Cartoon: US Coal or Alberta Oil Sands - What's Really Dirty Energy?

Find a political cartoon that illustrates the big difference between the United States coal production and Canada's oil product via the Alberta Oil Sands.

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The Liberal - NDP Coalition and Forming Government

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Dec 19, 2008

Find an explanation of how a proposed Liberal-NDP coalition government could assume power according to Canada’s parliamentary tradition. Includes an examination of a possible vote of non-confidence against the Conservative minority government; a request to the Governor General to allow a Liberal-New Democratic coalition to form a new government; and the immediate tasks facing a possible coalition government once in power.

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Cartoon: Coalition Prime Minister Stéphane Dion Comes with a Expiry Date

Find a political cartoon that depicts the possibly of the coalition Prime Minister Stéphane Dion as having a expiry date.

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Will the Conservative MPs Resign En Masse in Response to Coalition?

By Greg Farries on Dec 2, 2008

CFRA's Lowell Green, QR77's Dave Rutherford, and Bourque Newswatch are reporting that the Western Canadian MPs may take a drastic measure if the Governor General allows the coalition to form government - they will resign en masse.

This drastic measure - effectively removing significant political representation from a large portion of the country - would certainly push the Governor General and or the coalition to consider dissolving the House and calling an election.

Constitutional refresher course: the people do not choose the government

By Harold Jansen on Nov 30, 2008

In the showdown between the Conservatives and an erstwhile Liberal-NDP coalition, one point gets obscured. In the Canadian political system, the voters do not vote for a government. When we vote, we vote for a local Member of Parliament. The formation of government is a byproduct of that, not the direct choice of Canadians. So, who does choose who forms a government. Very simply, it's the Governor General. Most of the Governor General's power's are heavily constrained by convention, in that the GG has to follow the advice of the Prime Minister and cabinet.

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Cartoon: Canada Enters a Recession - Conservative Government Changes Tune

Find a political cartoon depicting Canada entering a recession, while Prime Minister Harper and Finance Minister Flaherty discuss whether Canada's economy is technically in recession.

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Cartoon: Media Pushes Prime Minister Harper over Possible Economic Doomsday

Find a political cartoon depicting the national news media pushing Prime Minister Harper to comment over economic crisis hitting financial markets and banks across the world.

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