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Cartoon: During the Leaders Debate, Will the Economy Bore all the Leaders but Harper?

Find a political cartoon depicting Prime Minister Stephen Harper boring all the other political party leaders while talking about the economy.

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Liberal Party Releases Platform - The Response is Deafening

By Melanee Thomas on Sep 23, 2008

Has anyone else noticed that the Liberals released their full platform yesterday, and hardly anyone has said a word about it? It's as though the collective response has been *crickets chirping*. 

I did see on CBC Newsworld this morning that the English and French political bureau chiefs indicated that Dion's performance "wasn't bad" ... specifically, it wasn't as bad as John Turner's in 1988. 

I don't remember the 1988 Liberal platform announcement, but based on what was relayed about it, particularly the child care portion, the fact that the media is comparing Dion's announcement yesterday to Turner in 1988 is not good. 

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Cartoon: Liberal Election Platform - Where is the Green Shift?

Find a political cartoon depicting the Liberal Party of Canada leader serving up the Liberal Party election campaign platform to a voter, while the voter inquires about the main course (i.e. the Green Shift tax proposal).

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Cartoon: Harper gets Biten by his Party, while Dion keeps Biting away at his Party

Find a political cartoon depicting Prime Minister Stephen Harper being bit by his political party, the Conservative Party of Canada, while Leader of the Official Opposition, Stéphane Dion, bites away at this political party, the Liberal Party of Canada.

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NDP Leader Layton talks about Coalition Government with Liberals

By Greg Farries on Sep 22, 2008

According to the Hamilton Spectator, New Democratic Party Leader, Jack Layton, is not ruling out a coalition government with the Stéphane Dion's Liberal Party of Canada.

NDP Leader Jack Layton is refusing to rule out a coalition government with Stéphane Dion's Liberals if that's what it takes to oust Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

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Impressions from Week One

By Royce Koop on Sep 14, 2008

First: Elizabeth May deserves congratulations for gaining entry to the leaders' debate. I'm not so sure that she should be so happy over this, however. Many people think that May has a good speaking style. This may be true in some contexts, but I'm not sure if she will perform well in a debate with four other party leaders. Harper, Dion, Layton, and Duceppe all have significant experience in Parliament and the first three have already participated in televised debates. May has no similar experience. "Elizabeth May," argues Kevin Libin, "talks faster than an auctioneer on a caffeine buzz." And we've already seen that her tendency to talk quickly can get her into trouble. As Harold Jansen observed, it may be Harper who benefits from May's inclusion in the debate, as he is left to look prime ministerial as the other four leaders natter away.

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2008 Canadian Election Issues and Events

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Sep 14, 2008

Find a detailed articled outline the key issues and events in the 2008 federal election in Canada, including the minority/majority government question, the economy, leadership, the environment, and Canada in Afghanistan.

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Puffingate 2008 and

By Royce Koop on Sep 10, 2008

I'm not that young nor the hippest cat on the block, but this latest example of bowing before middle-aged squareness is a bit much.

Dion's weakness is that he is perceived as weak and indecisive; in other words, not a leader. So how best to exploit that? With an entire website mocking him! Thus, a puffin defecates (to use the aghast term of national media writers) on his shoulder; you can play as Dion in a game of "Street Debater" against "The Russian Bear"; or generate Liberal policy in a slot machine. I was already laughing when the preview page came onscreen, asking, "Do you think it's easy to load websites?" And be sure to visit the blog that Dion's dog, Kyoto, generously maintains on the site:

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So much for dignified debate

By Harold Jansen on Sep 9, 2008

Every election, we hope for dignified debate over policy. But eventually, the whole thing grinds down into petty partisanship. It only took until the third day, but we're there. The Conservative website briefly had a puffin pooping on Stephane Dion.

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Cartoon: Presidential Race vs Canadian Federal Election: Heavyweights vs Lightweights

Find a political cartoon depicting the presidential race between John McCain and Barack Obama as being a heavyweight match, while the Canadian federal election fight, between Harper, Dion, Duceppe and Layton as being a lightweight boxing match.

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Recent Federal Electoral History in Canada

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Sep 8, 2008

Find information on Canadian federal electoral history from 2006-2008, including 2006 general election results, changes in party leadership, and political party standing prior to 2008 general election.

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Submit Questions for our Interview with Honourable Stéphane Dion

By Greg Farries on Jun 2, 2008

Mapleleafweb is scheduled to do an interview with Honourable Stéphane Dion, Leader of the Official Opposition and Liberal Party of Canada. We are providing visitors to Mapleleafweb the opportunity to submit potential questions to Hon. Stéphane Dion.

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Cartoon: Cheerleading Dion and the Liberal Party's Carbon Tax

Find a political cartoon depicting Liberal Party leader, Stéphane Dion cheerleading a carbon tax in Canada.

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Cartoon: Liberal Election Strategy - Our Fraud Is Not as Bad

Find a political cartoon depicting Stephane Dion considering a questionable new election strategy to combat the Conservative Party of Canada.

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Cartoon: Liberals Call Conservatives Corrupt - Pot Calling Kettle Black?

Find a political cartoon depicting the Liberal leader, Stéphane Dion calling Conservative leader, Stephen Harper corrupt.

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