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Defusing an Issue - Ending the Afghanistan Mission in 2011

By Harold Jansen on Sep 11, 2008

Besides the news that Elizabeth May would be joining the leaders' debate, the big news yesterday was Stephen Harper's announcement that Canada's current military mission in Afghanistan would not be extended past the 2011 deadline established by Parliament. It is important to note that this does not mean a complete military withdrawal from Afghanistan at that point, but that the Canadian mission will change dramatically at that point.

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Urban-rural split likely back on the table

By Harold Jansen on Sep 10, 2008

The Conservatives' high-profile promise yesterday to cut the tax on diesel fuels likely won't have much impact on the average Canadian family, but it's big news if you're a heavy user of diesel fuel. Truckers, farmers and fishers will likely benefit. It also sets up a nice contrast with the Liberals' Green Shift, which would increase taxes on fuels. However, what I think is interesting is that it sets up a rural-urban policy showdown. Two of those three groups (and probably many truckers, too) are primarily rural.

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Cartoon: Presidential Race vs Canadian Federal Election: Heavyweights vs Lightweights

Find a political cartoon depicting the presidential race between John McCain and Barack Obama as being a heavyweight match, while the Canadian federal election fight, between Harper, Dion, Duceppe and Layton as being a lightweight boxing match.

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Recent Federal Electoral History in Canada

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Sep 8, 2008

Find information on Canadian federal electoral history from 2006-2008, including 2006 general election results, changes in party leadership, and political party standing prior to 2008 general election.

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Cartoon: Flaherty's Comments on Ontario Create a Problem for PM Harper

Find a political cartoon depicting Finance Minister Jim Flaherty causing problems for Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Ontario.

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Cartoon: Brodie, the Conservatives and the Leaked Obama Memo

Find a political cartoon depicting Conservative Prime Minister, Stephen Harper explaining why the Conservative Government does not speak to the media.

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Cartoon: Liberals Call Conservatives Corrupt - Pot Calling Kettle Black?

Find a political cartoon depicting the Liberal leader, Stéphane Dion calling Conservative leader, Stephen Harper corrupt.

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Cartoon: Stéphane Dion and Stephen Harper Duel Over Afghanistan Mission

Find a political cartoon that depicts Stéphane Dion and Stephen Harper dueling over Canada's involvement in Afghanistan.

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Cartoon: Should Canada Stay or Pull out of Afganistan: A Tough Decision for Dion

Find a political cartoon depicting Stéphane Dion being torn between Stephen Harpers desire to keep the Canadian forces in Afghanistan, and Jack Layton's desire to pull the troops out.

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Cartoon: A Carbon Tax in Canada - The Elephant in the Room...

Find a political cartoon depicting a carbon tax as being a big elephant in the room.

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Cartoon: Liberals and Conservatives Even in the Polls

Find a political cartoon that depicts a fruit cake as being as popular as party leaders, Stephen Harper and Stéphane Dion.

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Cartoon: Conservative Party Leader Harper and Mulroney's Legacy

Find a political cartoon depicting former Progressive Conservative Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney holding hands with the Stephen Harper, Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

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Cartoon: Prime Minister Harper and his Nonbinding Emissions Targets

Find a political cartoon depicting the state of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's green house gas emission targets.

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Cartoon: Prime Minister Harper as a Parent to the Provinces

Political cartoon depicting Stephen Harper playing parent to all the provincial Premiers in Canada.

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