Cartoon: Liberal Election Platform - Where is the Green Shift?

Find a political cartoon depicting the Liberal Party of Canada leader serving up the Liberal Party election campaign platform to a voter, while the voter inquires about the main course (i.e. the Green Shift tax proposal).

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Cartoon: Cheerleading Dion and the Liberal Party's Carbon Tax

Find a political cartoon depicting Liberal Party leader, Stéphane Dion cheerleading a carbon tax in Canada.

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Cartoon: Flaherty's Comments on Ontario Create a Problem for PM Harper

Find a political cartoon depicting Finance Minister Jim Flaherty causing problems for Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Ontario.

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Cartoon: A Carbon Tax in Canada - The Elephant in the Room...

Find a political cartoon depicting a carbon tax as being a big elephant in the room.

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The Goods and Services Tax: Overview & History

Feature by Jay Makarenko || Aug 31, 2007

The introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) represented a significant change to Canada’s system of taxation, was well as a major source of debate in Canadian politics. This article provides an introduction to the GST, which includes an overview of its operation, a review of its political history, and a summary of key debates on the GST.

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