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Interview with Former PMO Chief of Staff, Ian Brodie

Interviewed by Greg Farries on Feb 24, 2009

Find a interview with former Prime Minister Office Chief of Staff, Ian Brodie. Brodie talks about the role of the Chief of Staff and the Prime Minister's Office and then speaks about his personal experience in politics over the past five years.

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2007 Jack Layton Interview

Interviewed by Greg Farries on Nov 22, 2007

Find an in-depth interview with Jack Layton, the leader of the federal New Democratic Party, on leadership and the NDP in minority government.

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Diane Ablonczy Talks about the Conservative Merger

Interviewed by Greg Farries on Dec 8, 2003

Diana Ablonczy talks about the merger between the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada and the Canadian Alliance party of Canada.

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Doug Bailie From Fair Vote Canada Talks about Electoral Reform

Interviewed by Greg Farries on Sep 1, 2003

Doug Bailie, one of the organizers behind Fair Vote Canada, an organization looking to reform Canada’s electoral system to adopt a system of proportional representation talks about electoral reform in Canada.

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Jack Layton Talks about the NDP and Leadership

Interviewed by Greg Farries on Mar 1, 2003

Jack Layton talks about the New Democratic Party and his win at New Democratic Parties leadership convention in Toronto, Ontario.

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Chuck Strahl talks about the PC-DRC Coalition and the Canadian Alliance

Interviewed by Greg Farries on May 15, 2002

Chuck Strahl talks about the Progressive Conservative / Democratic Representative Caucus (DRC) and the Canadian Alliance party.

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