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Interview with Pierre Bourque from Bourque Newswatch

Interviewed by Greg Farries on Nov 12, 2008

Find an interesting interview with the Pierre Bourque, creator of Bourque Newswatch [], one of Canada's most visited news aggregator. Bourque sheds some light on his various passions - both online and offline - and provides some wisdom for the next leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and the current Prime Minister of Canada, Right Honourable Stephen Harper.

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Interview with Political Cartoonist, Graeme MacKay

Interviewed by Greg Farries on Jun 5, 2008

Find a in-depth interview with the talented Canadian political cartoonist, Graeme MacKay. Graeme provides some advice on becoming a political cartoonist and his opinion on some of the controversial aspects of political cartoons.

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Interview with Liblogs Founder, Jason Cherniak

Interviewed by Greg Farries on Apr 23, 2008


p>Jason Cherniak is one of the key figures in the Liberal side of the blogosphere in Canada. Jason runs one of the most popular partisan weblogs in Canada, Cherniak on Politics, and is the founder and creator of

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