Economy, Trade & Finance

Economics, trade, and government finance have significant impacts on Canadian politics and public policy. Find articles on the nature and issues of these key political factors.

Elections & Political Parties

Elections, and the political parties that contest them, represent key links between Canadians and their political representatives and leaders. Find articles on current and past elections in Canada, as well as on the nature and issues of Canada’s electoral and political party systems.

Government & Institutions

Central to understanding Canadian politics is awareness of the nation’s basic governmental institutions. Find articles on the organization and operation of key institutions and structures of government, as well as important issues facing them.

Health, Education & Social Welfare

A critical area of Canadian public policy is social welfare, which includes issues such as health care, education, and other forms of social cooperation and assistance. Find articles on the histories and structures of key Canadian social policies and programs.

International Issues

The Canadian nation-state exists within a complex global setting, involving numerous governmental and non-governmental organizations, treaties, agreements, and events. Find articles on Canada’s international issues and relations.

Judicial System & Legal Issues

The judiciary and legal systems represent an important aspect of Canadian governance and politics. Find articles on the structure of the Canadian judiciary and legal systems, as well as important legal-political trends and issues.

Military & Security

Military and security issues form an important area of governance, not only in regards to domestic public policy, but also in relation to Canadian foreign policy. Find articles on key Canadian military and security structures, as well as the issues facing them.

Science & Technology

Advancements in scientific knowledge and technology have significant impacts on Canadian public policy and political debate. Find articles on key political issues associated with science and technology.

Society, Culture & Communities

Canadian politics and political institutions exist within a complex societal context, which includes a diverse set of cultural, ethnic, and linguistic communities, as well as a plurality of social and moral traditions. Find articles on the histories, natures, and political aspects of these societal contexts and issues.